TODAY – 6th of January, 2022

12:00pm GMT

Police say they have arrested about 2,000 people in Almaty

11:45am GMT

Kazakhstan will sets fuel price limits following protests sparked by price hikes

9:20am GMT

12 police killed in Kazakhstan, while authorities say that ‘dozens of attackers were liquidated’

9:00am GMT

Military alliance says that Russia has sent paratroopers into Kazakhstan as part of peacekeeping contingent

YESTERDAY – 5th of January, 2022

10:05pm GMT

US spokesperson condemns violence and destruction of property in Kazakhstan, urges peaceful resolution.

9:45pm GMT

Russian-led alliance is set to send peacekeeping troops to Kazakhstan after the country’s president called for assistance

7:37pm GMT

Eight security personnel killed as protests and riots continue in Kazakhstan

7:33pm GMT

Kazakhstan’s president Tokayev appoints Sagimbayev as new chief of National Security Committee

7:15pm GMT

President of Kazakhstan calls on Russia-led alliance to help suppress riots in his country

7:00pm GMT

President of Kazakhstan says that his country is under attack by terrorist groups